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Having a license wasn't meant to be overwhelming

Your Compliance issues are about to be solved

Everyone (except us) tries to say that compliance is intense.  Well, we are about to change all that.

Simplified input and sophisticated output.

We have created a unique platform to streamline the compliance process

By working with us,  you will release yourself from all the pressure that is currently being placed on Licensees.  If you have taken the step to be a licensee, then you deserve to have your commitment to the industry acknowledged.

We Solve Real Problems

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We know the problems associated with having a license and being pulled from every angle.

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Did you know that we are flexible? We have been in the industry for over 25 years and we have been asked to do just about everything.


We don't only keep it simple for you, we have kept the price down as well.

CPD and continuous improvement

Our CPD programme is the most user friendly system on the market.

Annual Compliance

Since 2010, we have been lodging Annual Compliance Certificates to ASIC on behalf of our clients.

Policy writing

We have technical writers on board for all your policy writing.

BEV & SUE, YING YANG is what makes us work.

We like simplicity and sructure.

Knowledge and Skills backs Our Success

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Do You Want to Be Confident that all your compliance is audit ready?

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