Affordable, Accessible, Amicable

This Finance Executive’s synchronised management system helps ensure that the new structured model is sustainable.

With the assistance of specialised IT personnel, we have modelled this platform specifically for:

ease of use, (because we know you already have lots to do),

affordability (because we know you already pay out a lot),

regulation adherence (because we know you are more interested in processing loans than having more regulation).

NCCP obligations have been in since 2008.   Many licensees still do not have their obligations down pat.  Many brokers have opted to be credit representatives as they believe this is a less onerous option.

Interesting that the “big” operators have chosen to have their own license.  This is because in order to build a business, you need to have control over your own choices.  You need to have systems in place so that you can delegate tasks, (even if you are a sole trader).  Scalable options are what is needed and sadly have been lacking for some until now.

Finance Executive’s Platinum Care system minimises duplication.  With the many layers all requesting the same or similar reporting diagnostics, your time can be better spent with customer focused activities.