Who we are, is why we are here

Bev Wilson and Sue Kallmeyer are the brains behind Finance Executives. They have been working with the mortgage & finance industry since the 1990’s. You might know them from their Registered Training Organisation, MyFENG #91526 and their firmly established position in the industry as experts in Australian Credit Licensing requirements and NCCP adherence. 

They have assisted multiple brokers, planners and accountants to gain their Australian Credit Licenses and Australian Financial Planners Licenses and have never received a rejection from ASIC.  (never)   Their process for application, includes a full understanding of the clients knowledge, experience, requirements and their position in the industry, which is paramount to their successful application.

Finance Executives has introduced Platinum Care the missing link for individual and small licensees who would otherwise struggle to find the time to maintain a balance between business and customer focus.

Finance Executive’s system is designed for Licensees to become compliant without being tied to a desk attending to “paperwork”.  Using tech based systems and streamlined processes, the time required for compliance obligations has been drastically reduced. It was apparent to Bev and Sue what was needed was affordable, streamlined, and accountable virtual assistance.  This system is accessible anywhere there is internet.

With their knowledge and experience, they know what works and what is just a tick box.

They also know, that the beautiful pie that everyone used to say was big enough, is now being sliced from every angle.

Whilst Finance Executives is a new brand, it is an extension of MyFENG Training Organisation, which is widely known and respected in the Finance Industry. 

Bev and Sue have had extensive experience working with both the mortgage and finance industry brokers, accountants and financial planners and are currently engaged by multiple companies to assist in ongoing compliance.

If you believe Platinum Care can assist you, then call us on 1300 884 825.

We would love to help.