Finance Executives offers an alternative compliance package for small scale operators and individual Licensees within the Credit Services space.

Simplified input results in sophisticated output.

Our compliance filing system allows:

    DNS wild-carding

    overview of Prescribed Documents, Privacy and other Policy documents.

    establishment of required Registers and inclusion of initial framework

    real time consultation and communication with the Licensee.

    the provision of template and notification documents

    register updates and ASIC Annual Compliance submission

    identification of risk and implementation of Action Plans

    on-boarding assistance and compliance checklist of requirements including EDR and ASIC Register confirmation of activation

    sub-file creation for representatives operating under the Licensee

    inclusion of email correspondence between all connected parties using cc or bcc protocols

 Second Level

    random assessment of selected file Preliminary Assessment compliance (at least quarterly for each representative)

    Quarterly report to the Responsible Manager and/or Licensee

The FE Platinum Care programme provides a comprehensive oversight of the Licensee’s small business and incorporates all the elements to enable:

    provision of a secure network platform for privacy integrity and intellectual property protection

    creation of a framework and structure of documents and registers

    analysis of requirements, objectives and compliance at licensee, industry and legal levels

    identification of risk and action plans to correct, prevent occurrence or manage impact.

    regular monitoring and supervision of representatives (including the Responsible Manager /Licensee.

The Share File is an electronic storage facility based in the cloud.  As a back-up and to meet with ASIC requirements and good governance, Finance Executives installs a download of the individual file monthly which is a supplementary storage of the same information on its own secure server.  This is an important step in maintaining currency confirmation and meeting legal requirements of safely storing personal information as well as providing compliance documentation in a printable format. Significantly, when Finance Executives identifies a risk or a non-compliance:

    the information is shared with the Licensee in real time.

    assistance is provided to understand and address the non-compliance

    the non-compliance remains as an obvious breach in the file until resolved so there is no excuse of ignorance or misunderstanding.

    quarterly reports mean the whole business and compliance structure is monitored 3 times a year and the actions for treating non-compliance and continuous improvement is obvious.

Finance Executive is proud of the programme we have installed and the Licensees that we have supported over the years.  We have been operating and improving our system since 2008 with the establishment of our Registered Training Organisation and the delivery and assessment of specific industry nationally accredited courses: 

FNS40815 Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking and

FNS50315 Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management.

Since the introduction of the National Consumer Protection Act 2009, we have also offered non-accredited courses and support to the Finance and Mortgage Industry specific to the Act with compliance and licensing applications forming a specialised arm of our business structure.

Additionally, we provide non-nationally accredited courses to support start-ups, micro business, small business and developing business strategies.

As we navigate the new challenges facing the world at the moment we utilise virtual face to face platforms so that our clients still engage on a personal level and feel comfortable with our training, assessment and compliance regimes.  We have added several online courses to enable self-learning for those who prefer to learn at their own pace, and we will continue to improve our services as new technology advances and client preferences are able to be satisfied.