Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Finance Executives have an executive team.

Bev Wilson and Sue Kallmeyer have been in the industry since the 1990’s.

Following their small business success in similar industries, they quickly related their knowledge and experience to the Finance sector.

As part of their commitment to the industry, both Bev and Sue have engaged in continuous on going learning that has consistently been used to provide brokers with the benefit of this knowledge.

Some of the areas of qualifications and experience include, legal studies, business management, privacy, AML/CTF, IT security (including cybersecurity), leadership and management, auditing, credit assessment, broking, planning and training and assessment. All qualifications have been externally assessed, some with International credibility.

Since 2010, Bev and Sue have become well known in the credit space for their assistance to brokers, planners and accountants with both qualifications and licensing assistance.

As quiet achievers, their assistance has been widely accepted as being valuable to the industry, whilst often without accolades and fist pumping. It is not their aim, to take the credit for brokers being compliant, it is their aim to build great broking businesses with compliance as a standard culture aspect.

By building a great culture, compliance becomes second nature.

Bev and Sue work well together, they are sisters who have been in business together since 2006.

Their personalities differ, but their values are identical.

There skills are complimentary, as it is often the case, one enjoys one part of the business and the other enjoys something completely different. Whilst both have the same qualifications, they both have separate duties in the day to day running of the business. However, both have the same culture, values and expectations of their clients. Basically, they are like “Ying and Yang”. Complimenting each other for the good of the business and the brokers they work with.