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What we can do for you

We have simple processes that make it easier for you. Our aim in business, is to continually improve our offering so that we can be of assistance to our clients.

We often get asked what else can we do for the broker?

As needed, we have implemented more and more services so that we can be the “one” that brokers call when they need some help.

Often, it’s just a phone call or a coffee, or it could be a presentation, policy or a new procedure that is needed by our client.

We can do it all. We have had many years experience and have attended multiple classes in order to have the required knowledge to assist our clients.

We have international Privacy training. This ensures that all our clients are aware of privacy policies and procedures that are legislated by law. We can assist our clients to be aware of what they can do with their client’s information.

We are internationally trained in Information Security. We often see a website that isn’t compliant. This is because there is currently an abundant amount of “experienced web designers”. But do they know the law according to your profession? Mostly they know how to make a site look pretty, but very rarely do they know how to make it compliant. We can have a look over your site and advise you of it’s compliance rating. ASIC now have bots looking at websites to look for non-compliance issues.

We are trained in Compliance Auditing. This is different to Financial Auditing, but has the same significance when operating under a licence. Compliance Auditing, has specific areas of scrutiny. It is how ASIC will determine if you are compliant.

We are a Registered Training Organisation, through our other company and that means we are qualified and authorised by the Australian Government. We have been providing brokers with their qualifications since 2008 and we are the only training organisation that also provides compliance training.

We can tailor make training programmes because we are qualified trainers and assessors. We can have one or many in our training room. We can do virtual training in these current times. If your staff require on-going training, we can either provide the material for you to deliver, or we can deliver it ourselves.

We can apply for a licence through ASIC. We have applied for and had success with many 100’s of applications. We are well known at ASIC and regularly attend liaison meetings where the current legislation is discussed. We have attended interstate symposiums and local virtual meetings with the ASIC commissioner and also heads of departments. We have been requested to provide our opinion on several current matters.

We have recently been asked for a submission on the AFCA process. This has been provided and is currently being addressed.

We can provide the correct documents so that from day one of holding a licence, you will be compliant with ASIC’s requirements.


Our Platinum Care programme can be with our assistance, or it can be “done for you”.

Platinum Care facilitates you in staying compliant without unnecessary time impost.