Other Services

Other Services


Since 2008, we have been accredited with ASQA to train and assess in Financial Services Qualifications.

We have chosen to stay specifically accredited for:

FNS40815 CERT IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking

FNS50315 Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management.

CERT IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking is the qualification that is required by law as the minimum educational standard required in order to become a mortgage broker. Finance Brokers are required to have “adequate” training and in most cases the CERT IV is chosen as this is a qualification that has already been deemed acceptable by ASIC.

Some Lenders and Associations require their brokers to progress to Diploma within 2 years of commencing as a broker. This is not law, but has become accepted as an acceptable upgrade of education for the industry.

MyFENG is the registered training organisation #51926 .


Since 2010, we have been offering a CPD programme that meets the legislation requirements. It is delivered directly to the participants inbox each month. The learning platform is current industry matter and relates to areas which require more clarification and understanding. The results are instantaneously returned and can be recorded directly into the Platinum Care platform.

ASIC Assistance

Since 2010, we have been a main player in the submission of license applications for Credit and Planning. We have gained a reputation as providing a professional service at a reasonable price. Our assistance begins with consultation especially concerning the scale of the organisation as our industry often forgets that the smaller organisation also needs assistance and not just the larger players.

Apart from licensing, we also assist with Industry Funding, Annual Compliance Certificate, general ASIC questions, On-boarding new CR’s, Using the ASIC portals etc.


We have spent our working life learning and teaching what we’ve learnt. We are happy to spread our knowledge to those who need it. We believe that we are the most qualified specialised trainers in the Broking space. We are qualified in Auditing, Training, It protocols, Privacy, Cybersecurity, Governance, Business and Broking itself. Our qualifications have been authorised and assessed by external sources, some in Australia and some International. For further verification of our qualifications, you can request to see all certifications.