Policy Writing

Policy Writing

Technical writing is a specialised skill. The team at Finance Executives are experienced trainers and assessors. As the owners of a Registered Training Organisation, they are educated in knowing how to map information to required to certain criteria. This is a lengthy process, but it ensures that the correct information is included in the documents being provided. This skill is transferred to their policy writing.

All license holders, are required to have policies and procedures that document how the business will handle specific areas that relate to the running of the business and the protection of their clients interests.

Policies state the intention.

Procedures state the process to adhere to the policy.

As a license holder, there are specific policies that need to be addressed.

These are also the areas that ASIC is interested in when assessing whether or not the license holder has maintained their obligations under the law.

If ASIC believe that areas of obligations having been met, then they will have the opportunity to cancel the licence.

In order to keep current with the requirements of holding a license, Finance Executives has policy writers who spend numerous hours researching the legislation and any changes that are implemented throughout the year.

The knowledge that Finance Executive writers have is well known and respected in the industry.

It is time consuming and for some, quite boring, so Finance Executives have made it simple for you. Once it has been stripped back, it is no-where near as daunting. If you don’t have policies and procedures in place, then we can help. If you already have yours in place, then we can use the ones you have. As the licence obligations have been in place since the inception of the NCCP, many licence holders already have these in place. (but some still don’t). If you require us to assess your policies for compliance, then Finance Executives can do that as well.